The promoters of Svasti Ayu: care is from Kuttimackel Krishna vilasam family, located at Thampalakkad, Kottayam District, which a branch of Narayanam Packel Family of Mithrakkari. We have a heritage of practicing Ayurveda for more than Four centuries based on our ancestral home, Narayanam Packel, Mithrakkari, Alapuzha Dist, Kerala. The family have a long tradition in practicing Ayurveda especially in Visha Chikitsa [Ayurvedic Poison treatments including management of snake poison] and Jyothisha [Astrology] and still today the tradition continues in the family. Shri Eravi Pillai, (1790-1860) is one among the Vaidya from Narayanampackel Family who was very famous for his Ayurvedic treatments and received many honors from the Chenmbakasseri Raja, the ruler of the land.Dr. K R Gangadaran Nair (Retd Medical officer, Govt of Kerala, Kuttimackel Krishna Vilasam, Thampalakkad, Kanjirappally, Kottayam,) is among the famous Ayurevdic practitioner from our family who passed away in 2015. He was among the members of the initial batches of Ayurveda Doctors in Kerala who got their formal degree in Ayurevda from Government Ayurvedic College, Trivandrum under University of Kerala, Trivandrum. Shri Vasudevan Nair, is the present head of Narayanam packel family and he is a Traditional Ayurveda practitioner especially in Viṣa Vaidya.

The Narayanam Packel family is a sub branch of “Koratty Family” which is believed to be originated from Northern part of Kerala and may be from Koratty now in Thrissur district [around 40 Kms from Thrissur and 50 Kms from Ernakulam]. They were believed to be very famous in Visha Chikitsa and Kaivisha Chikitsa. It is believed that once the King of Edappally royal family (Cochin Royal family) is affected by “Kaivisha” and many Vaidya’s are tried but failed to cure the king from it. Later one of the famous Vaidya of the Koratty family cured the King from the Kaivisha that affected him for a long period. After the incident the King become happy and appointed the Vaidya as “Raja Vaidya” and the family settled in Cochin side and practiced Ayurveda there. Later the family moved to Thiruvalla which now in Pathanamthitta District, beleived to because of the wars between King of Edappally and Portuguese, and settled there. After some period one branch of the family settled in Mithrakkari, Alappuzha District of Kerala due to the invitation of Chempakasseri Raja (Ambalappuzha royal family) and continue practicing the traditional Ayurveda along with Visha Vaidya and Jyotisha.

Our Chief consultant Dr. Sreeja K G, [Member of Kuttimackel Krishna vilasam family] had did a research study on a manuscript (Gulika Yogam) from Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham University ( for her Post graduate studies [MD in Ayurveda] which is found from the family itself and which deals mainly with Visha vaidyam.[Ayurvedic Poison treatment]. The manuscript, “Gulika Yogam”, is one among rare manuscript which provides an insight into the traditional Visha vaidya practices which followed in many families of Kerala. The manuscript was written in old Malayalam language and script and from the language & script used, it can assess that the Manuscript is written in the medieval period of Malayālam literature history, which is between 14th and 18th Century AD. And based on detailed study and other evidence found from the research, it is assessed that the manuscript may be written in a period prior to 16th AD. This gives an insight to the rich heritage of Narayanam Packel family in practising authentic Ayurveda which is practicing for more than 400 years.

Gulika Yogam, The Manuscript

Gulika Yogam

A Manuscript which is from 16th Century AD