“Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam Athurasyasa Vikara Prashmanam”.

The motto of Ayurveda is to maintain the healthiness of the people who are healthy and made free from diseases make people who are un healthy. Karkkidaka Chikitsa (Monsoon Ayurveda Treatments), Karkidaka chikitsa is a tradition in Kerala that has been in practice since several centuries, is based on this principles of Ayurveda related to maintain healthiness of the people who are healthy.

The goal of the Karkkidaka Chikitsa is to attain body-mind detoxification and rejuvenation of whole body through various Ayurveda therapies. We at Svasti Ayu Care, provides authentic and affordable Karkkidaka treatments which are customised for individual body conditions and needs under guidance of our panel of doctors with Post graduate degrees (MD/MS in Ayurveda).

  • More than 400 years of heritage in Ayurvedic treatments
  • Treatments under guidance of post graduate doctors (MD/MS) of Ayurveda
  • Treatments can be done on OP basis
  • Authentic ayurvedic treatments at affordable packages
  • No need of hospitalisation. Stay at your home.
  • Convenient timings. Evening OP/treatments available. .
  • Service of Lady doctors is available

Call 755 800 33 31 for more details or please mail us at care@svastiayu.com