SVASTI AYU: CARE is a Multi Speciality Ayurvedic centre founded by professionals with a family heritage of more than 400 years of practicing authentic Ayurveda. At SvastiAyu: Care we aim to provide effective cure for various diseases with authentic Ayurvedic treatments and medicines and also to provide curative and rejuvenating Panchakarma therapies for people in all sections of society. To provide authentic and specialised Ayurvedic care to our society we are having a dedicated pool of PG doctors (with MD or MS in Ayurveda) in different specialities of Ayurveda along with a team of dedicated and experiences support staff who always caring for your wellness and happy life.

What is meant by Svasti Ayu:

The Name SVASTIAYU: is consists of two sanskrit words, “SVASTI” and “AYU:. (“स्वस्ति आयु:”). The word ‘Svasti’ means “Well –being” and “Ayu:” means “Life” so the name Svasti Ayu: literally means “Let there be well- being for health” .